THE GANESHA PROGRAM: open hearts, helping hands

Giving a future to devastated families and restoring war-torn villages in Sri Lanka, THE GANESHA PROGRAM defines true philanthropy.

Development loans with zero interest and compassionate terms, combined with guidance and coaching, to salvage land, plant crops, rebuild homes and create viable businesses. Loan repayments are plowed back into the program, losses and defaults are absorbed. Self-respect is recovered, self-reliance is reactivated and self-sustaining practices are implemented. As ventures flourish, so the community thrives and begins to nurture itself with schools, hospitals, transportation, banking and communication systems. Jobs are created and the wealth is distributed.

Suddenly, the future looks bright!

Change some lives.
Partner with THE GANESHA PROGRAM, and give.
Then, watch your gift grow.

GANESHA, philanthropy at its best.

For more information, please download our PDF document.

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